Valles Caldera National Preserve, NM (Tim)

10/28/17 - North Central New Mexico

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Basically this Preserve is the mouth of a really big and old volcano. This picture, maybe 1-2 miles across and 2-3 miles long, is about half of it. The volcano erupted a few million years ago. I don't know why, after all that time, only grasses are growing out in the middle. This Preserve is designed for people who want to hike, fish or camp. Not a single paved road. I took the picture near the entrance, but chose to not go exploring on a dirt road if I had no idea where it went or if there was anything to see but maybe campgrounds.

The boys didn't get out much today. When we finally reached the hotel in Farmington, Andrew climbed up on his soap box and launched into one of his long imaginative stories, of course waving both hands while doing so. I frankly couldn't follow much of his tale, but he seems to have grabbed the attention of the twins.