Manhattan Project National Historical Park, NM (Tim)

10/28/17 - North Central New Mexico

This was a total bust! It seems the City of Las Alamos, County of Las Alamos, and the National Park Service worked together to come up with with 12 or 15 interpretive signs describing the history of the area, with the signs scattered around the town. I found 6 or 7, but only one had to do with the Manhattan Project. "This parking lot in front of you used to be a dorm where grad students lived while working on the project." All the rest of the signs were about early settlers in the area.

Also in town, though, is the Ray Bradbury Science Museum. As soon as I saw it, I remembered going through the museum 15 or 20 years earlier, probably when our family went to the nearby Bandelier National Park. That museum was awesome and worthy of the National Historical Park designation. So forget about the few interpretive signs. Just head for the Bradbury Museum to learn about the history of the Manhattan Project.