Canyons of the Ancients, Colorado (Tim)

10/29/17 - Southwest Colorado

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This is a very large monument in southwest Colorado, on the Utah border, and backs up to Hovenweep. Because the area is primarily being kept pristine for hikers and campers, it is managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management rather than by the National Park Service.

Canyons of the Ancients only has one site that was prepared for visitors - Lowry Pueblo. This pueblo was constructed similar to Hovenweep 50 miles away. This pueblo is basically one large apartment building for multiple families. By studying the construction in different parts of this pueblo, archeologists can tell where it started as just four rooms, and then they kept adding on until they reached about 40 rooms two generations later. I don't know why the BLM built a roof over only part of the remaining pueblo.

Back in the hotel after a day of touring, I was reminded how much brothers will sometimes poke and prod each other, just cuz it's fun to be annoying. Andrew didn't understand this kind of sibling interaction, so he just watched the World Series.